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messin around in photoshop


:^) After hours of toil, this was the only image I could salvage. I………..accidentally saved over the Mayugebros and now they are dead. I should probably avoid drawing so early in the morning.

Romantic RusAme if you haven't done it already?


The bathroom was quiet even with the two of them sitting together in it with Ivan on the closed lid of the toilet and Alfred on a small ottoman from the living room. Ivan’s large hand was in Alfred’s, and Ivan watched Alfred while Alfred’s eyes were glued to Ivan’s hand. Pinched between Alfred’s fingers was a cap and brush from a nail polish container. His hands were steady as they painted over Ivan’s nails, turning them a striking red.

“You can breathe, Ivan,” Alfred murmured, not looking up at him. Ivan took in a breath obediently but did not release it. “I’m not gonna mess up. I used to do this to Maggie and her friends all the time. I’ve painted so many nails I could be a beautician.”

Ivan giggled softly but the sound died of on a sad note. “I know. I would have done it myself if I thought you couldn’t do it. It’s the act that makes me nervous. I can just hear my father yelling about my masculinity in my head.”

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I passed a flower shop next to a tattoo shop and at first I laughed because I thought it was ironic and then i freaked because IMAGINE YOUR OTP IN A FLORIST/TATTOO ARTIST AU


Here is my part of the rusame cold war exchange for @graceadee

I apologise for such long wait and I hope the uniforms turned out to be okay :’)

Higher resolution here and here.



since it’s almost october aka halloween month i just wanna remind people to take extra care to tag things like horror, blood, gore and other halloween related things for those of us who don’t deal well with a lot of those

also spiders. tag your fucking spiders.


for my most precious dumpling, marci <3

vodkaliciousunflower said: what are the most common names for men there??

Erik is and have been the most poular name in Sweden for quite some time, (I don’t keep tab on the other countries), Johan is also common, Lukas/Lucas is very popular, Oscar, William, Alexander, Oliver, Michael/Mikael and so on. 

My own hc given names for them are:

Iceland (without Icelandic letters): Sindri/Eirikur

Norway: Vidar/Lukas/Erik

Sweden: Björn/Johan

Finland: Mikael/Tiimo

Denmark: Matthias/Danskjäveln

#Black Butler
"Even the dead can evolve, as long as there are episodes"
book of circus
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book of circus

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And I’ve seen your flag on the marble arch

and love is not a victory march

It’s a cold and it’s a broken Hallelujah


colorblind kid want to color pic with lots of blue in it and dies trying

#Sthlm's shit

People’s headcanon names for the Nordics is what keeps me alive like “no Berwald isn’t an actual name”, “pretty sure that’s not how to spell that” and “good lord only 70+ aged people have that name”, it’s hilarious.