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Anonymous asked: How gorgeous would Genevieve look in a wedding dress?

G: As gorgeous as always, I should hope. And…Maybe a little bit more - happiness always makes one prettier.


Imagine back when Gilbert lived at Ivan’s place, that they are outside in the winter (running some erands or something) and Gil is freezing his brains out because of his lack of warm clothing.
Ivan notices this, and /takes of his scarf/ and puts it on Gilbert.
And Gil just stares at him like “what the fuck just happened”


ベラちゃんちゃん by 夏川

» permission given by artist «


belarus is one of those ppl who will list off all of the horror stories she knows about roller coasters while she’s next to u on the ride


instead of ‘genderbending’, try trans headcanons instead. try drawing them as a different gender that doesn’t hold up to the cissexist ‘genderbending’ ideas. Instead of swapping cis girl for cis boy, and the reverse, try going from cis girl to trans boy, or cis boy to trans girl, or draw the character as a demiboy, non-binary, genderfluid, anything! there are far more fun ways to explore a character’s gender than swapping cis for cis.


aph hong kong with firecrackers requested by anon

whoops i uploaded this once and i forgot to add something B(

this took me too long, and full view for best view B)))

Could you do something with like Fem!Poland braiding Fem!Lithuania's hair or something please?


Nyo!Poland: Ewa

Nyo!Lithuania: Tiesa

Ewa hears the bed creak and feels the before constant weight beside her shift. Begrudgingly, she opens her eyes to watch Tiesa slip from the bed and walk out the door, closing it softly behind her. Confused, she rolls over to look at her clock on the nightstand. She reaches for it and feels around for the largest button on its top and presses it to light it. Turning on with a low hum, she sees it reads 2:37. A sigh slips from her lips and she shoves the bed linens from her warm body. She moves to her feet, taking a moment to gain her bearings after.

She runs a hand through her short, messy hair. Not bothering to turn on the lights—the light from the streetlights just enough to guide her, she rounds the bed and exits the room. The hallway connected to the bedroom leads a short distance to the living room and dining room, which are essentially the same space.

On the couch pushed up against the wall farthest from the area they’d sectioned off to house a grand table and china cabinet, Tiesa sits with the heels of her hands pressed against her eyes. Ewa watches as her hands shift, eyes still closed, to run over her face and finally rest on her temples. She expels a breath and Ewa decides to pop her lips to alert Tiesa of her presence.

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I want nyolithuania to beat up nyobelarus


it’s good to put a face to my yuris. Thank you Himaruya :D

PruAus au where Gilbert hits on Roderich through wearing shirts like this:





He’s still happy because that’s always how his senpais noticed him


by: on℃@ついった
※Permission to upload this was given by the artist.